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Wildcraft Black and Green Walking Stick (8903338011033) …

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An invaluable and essential companion for camping and hiking, this walking stick from Wildcraft allows you to trek those treacherous trails with confidence as it offers you a perfect balance and stability.

Made of Duralumin 7075

The sturdy walking stick is extremely resilient to the wear and tear and is also scratch resistant as it is made of duralumin 7075 and can be is subjected to heavy and rough use during those adventurous hiking trips.

Highly Durable

The high quality materials used in its construction ensure lasting durability.

Extremely Lightweight

The extremely light in weight walking stick can be carried along easily without adding to the heaviness of your camping gear.

It Has an Innovative Quick Lock Pole Opening System, Activity: Backpacking, Camping, Hiking and Trekking, Usage: Adventure, Extremely Lightweight, Highly Durable



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