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Victorinox 1.8726 Traveller Swiss Army Knife (Red)

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The translucent Traveller Set by Victorinox is the perfect travelling companion fitting neatly into your suitcase, glove compartment or backpack. This versatile tool features an alarm, timer, altimeter, thermometer and barometer in addition to essential implements found in Victorinox’s pocket knives. This elegant piece of knife is the ideal emergency kit, to tend to a whole host of repair, maintenance and tinkering tasks. With its cool new attachments you will soon find it indispensable whether you’re hiking up mountainsides or trail walking in the backwoods of your home. The knife comes with a leather pouch which houses all the three tools.


1. Liquid compass                  2. Spirit level
3. Thermometer, oC                4.Thermometer, oF
5. Magnifying lens                  6. Ruler (cm)
7. Ruler (inches)                      8. Flash light Maglight
9. Large blade                        10. Small blade
11. Corkscrew                         12. Can opener withSmall Screwdriver
13. Wire stripper                     14. Bottle opener with Screwdriver
15. Reamer, Punch                  16. Scissors
17. Multi-purpose hook



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