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Mad Rock Drifter Shoe (Size Options Available)

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Don't let this shoe's looks fool you. Having climbed grades up to V15, the Drifter proves an astonishingly great value. By steering clear of some of Mad Rock's more technical features, this wallet friendly classic puts competition on it's wake.

Classification      All Around

Closure 2-strap

Stiffness              3

Shape   Asymetic

Upper Material Premium Leather

Footbed Material             Polyester

Toe Patch

Toe Patch Thickness

Midsole                Standard

Midsole Material              Compressed Polyester

Midsole Thickness           1.8 mm

Sole       Flat

Sole Thickness   3.8 mm

Rand      R2

Rand Thickness 1.8 mm

Heel       Traditional Heel

Color     Grey

Weight (US 9)    223g



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